You may be asking yourself who is Ridgeline? Ridgeline is the latest name of aluminum sport recreational trailers to hit the highways. Ridgeline trailers are manufactured in central Minnesota by people who enjoy the same past times as you and have been catering to the recreational and lakeshore individual for over 10 decades. We not only challenge our competitors but also it is a must to challenge ourselves to provide the best products at a value price. Ridgeline aluminum trailers will do just that. They have been designed to be more then just a snowmobile trailer because people do more with them then tow snowmobiles. Ridgeline will not sacrifice quality and components just to offer the least expensive trailer out there. What we invite you to do is compare structures, components, quality, and warranty along with user-friendly features and you will see that you will receive more for your money then any other brand. We all at Ridgeline thank you for considering our products and are working hard to earn your business.

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